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  • Year: 2006
    •   Maurizio Atzori
      Abduction and Anonymity in Data Mining
      Supervisor: Paolo Mancarella; Franco Turini
    •   Marco Callieri
      Beyond high-resolution geometry in 3D Cultural Heritage: enhancing visualization realism in interactive contexts
      Supervisor: Paolo Cignoni; Roberto Scopigno
    •   Antonino Gullì
      On Two Web IR Boosting Tools: Clustering and Ranking
      Supervisor: Paolo Ferragina
    •   Ivan Lanese
      Synchronization Strategies for Global Computing Models
      Supervisor: Ugo Montanari
    •   Angelo Troina
      Probabilistic Timed Automata for Security Analysis and Design
      Supervisor: Andrea Maggiolo Schettini
    • Daniela Tulone
      Mechanisms for Energy Conservation in Wireless Sensor Networks
    • Roberto Zunino
      Models for Cryptographic Protocol Analysis
  • Year: 2005
    •   Sonia Campa
      Coordinating exploitation of data and control parallelism
      Supervisor: Marco Danelutto
    •   Giovanni Conforti
      Spatial Logics for Semistructured Resources
      Supervisor: Giorgio Ghelli
    •   Michele Curti
      Enhanced Operational Semantics for Global Applications
      Supervisor: Pierpaolo Degano
    •   Gianni Franceschini
      On the Computational Power of Permutations in Sorting and Searching Problems
      Supervisor: Roberto Grossi
    •   Gaetano Impoco
      Automatic Planning and Acquisition of 3D Models and Applications
      Supervisor: Roberto Scopigno; Paolo Cignoni
    •   Francesca Martelli
      Packet Scheduling Algorithms for Interconnected Single-hop Multichannel Systems
      Supervisor: M. A. Bonuccelli
    •   Salvatore Rinzivillo
      Knowledge Discovery from Spatial Transactions
      Supervisor: Franco Turini
    •   Corrado Zoccolo
      High-performance component-based programming for heterogeneous computing
      Supervisor: Marco Vanneschi
    •   Miriam Baglioni
      Representation and exploitation of domain knowledge in a KDD environment
      Supervisor: Franco Turini
    •   Massimo Bartoletti
      Language-based Security: Access Control and Static Analysis
      Supervisor: Pierpaolo Degano; Gian-Luigi Ferrari
    •   Gaia Maselli
      Improving the performance of packet forwarding in Ad Hoc networks
      Supervisor: Maurizio Bonuccelli
    •   Alessandro Urpi
      An analysis of cooperation in ad hoc networks focusing on energy consumption
      Supervisor: Maurizio A. Bonuccelli
    •   Hernan Melgratti
      Models and languages for global computing negotiations
      Supervisor: Ugo Montanari
  • Year: 2004
    • Rita Borgo
      Massive Data Visualization through EM Algorithms and Data Structures
    •   Simone Semprini
      Specification and Verification of Mobile Systems
      Supervisor: Carlo Montangero
    •   Arwa Zabian
      Interval Web Caching
      Supervisor: Maurizio Bonuccelli
    •   Luca Tesei
      Specification and Verification using Timed Automata
      Supervisor: Roberto Barbuti
    •   Fabio Aiolli
      Large Margin Multiclass Learning: Models and Algorithms
      Supervisor: Alessandro Sperduti; Antonina Starita
    •   Luiz Carlos Pessoa Albini
      Reliable Routing in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks: The Virtual Routing Protocol
      Supervisor: Piero Maestrini
    •   Fabrizio Silvestri
      High Performance Issues in Web Search Engines: Algorithms and Techniques
      Supervisor: Raffaele Perego
    •   Alessio Bacciardi
      Polynomial factorization through structured matrix computations
      Supervisor: Dario Andrea Bini, Luca Gemignani
    •   Dario Colazzo
      Path Correctness for XML Queries: Characterization and Static Type Checking
      Supervisor: Giorgio Ghelli
  • Year: 2003
    • Antonio Caruso
      Diagnosability of Regular Structures
    • Amjad Hudaib
      Formal Description of Software Architecture patterns: The Asynchronous Case
    • Marco Tarini
      Advanced Techniques of Rendering-oriented 3D Acquisition
    • Francesco Bonchi
      Frequent Patterns Query: Language and Optimizations
    • Barbara Leporini
      Usability Evaluation of Accessible Web Sites
    • Paolo Mori
      Solving Irregular Problems on Parallel Architectures: A Methodology and a Supporting Library
    • Carlo Sartiani
      Efficient Management of Semistructured XML Data
    •   Ruggero Lanotte
      An automaton-theoretic approach to safety and security in real-time systems
      Supervisor: Andrea Maggiolo Schettini
    •   Eda Marchetti
      Software Testing in the XXI Century: Methods, Tools and New Approaches To Manage, Control and Evaluate This Critical Phase
      Supervisor: Antonia Bertolino
    •   Alessio Micheli
      Recursive Processing of Structured Domains in Machine Learning
      Supervisor: Alessandro Sperduti; Antonina Starita
    •   Emilio Tuosto
      Non-Functional Aspects of Wide Area Network Programming
      Supervisor: Gianluigi Ferrari
    •   Marco Aldinucci
      Dynamic shared data in structured parallel programming frameworks
      Supervisor: Marco Vanneschi; Marco Danelutto
    •   Andrea Bracciali
      Behavioural patterns and software composition
      Supervisor: Franco Turini; Antonio Brogi
    •   Valentina Ciriani
      Three-Level Logic Synthesis: Algebraic Approach and Minimization Algorithm
      Supervisor: Fabrizio Luccio
    •   Antonio Cisternino
      Multi-stage and Meta-programming Support in Strongly Typed Execution Engines
      Supervisor: Giuseppe Attardi
  • Year: 2002
    • Sergio Di Bona
      Analysis and Understanding of Deformable 3D Images
    • Massimo Coppola
      Structured Parallel Programming Support to Data Mining Problems
    • Diego Sona
      A Proposal for a Neural Abstract Machine
    •   Nadia Pisanti
      Segment-based distances and similarities in genomic sequences
      Supervisor: Fabrizio Luccio; Marie-France Sagot
    •   Giuseppe Prencipe
      Distributed Coordination of a Set of Autonomous Mobile Robots
      Supervisor: Linda Pagli; Nicola Santoro
    •   Ernesto Lastres
      A Semantics for Logic Programs Based on Hereditary Harrop Formulas
      Supervisor: Giorgio Levi
    •   Mirco Nanni
      Clustering methods for spatio-temporal data
      Supervisors: Dino Pedreschi; Franco Turini
    •   Davide Marchignoli
      Natural Deduction Systems for Temporal Logics
      Supervisor: A. Masini
  • Year: 2001
    •   Paolo Manghi
      Extracting Typed Values from Semistructured Databases
      Supervisor: Giorgio Ghelli
    •   Gianluca Amato
      Sequent Calculi and Indexed Categories as a Foundation for Logic Programming
      Supervisor: Giorgio Levi
    •   Stefano Bistarelli
      Soft Constraint Solving and Programming: a general framework
      Supervisor: Ugo Montanari
    •   Giuseppe Manco
      Foundations of a Logic-Based Framework for Intelligent Data Analysis
      Supervisor: Fosca Giannotti; Franco Turini
  • Year: 2000
    •   Paolo Santi
      Evaluation of a Self-Diagnosis Algrithm for Regular Structures
      Supervisor: Piero Maestrini
    •   Nicola Fausto Spoto
      Analysis of Logic Programs through Linear Refinement
      Supervisor: Giorgio Levi
    •   Simone Tini
      Structural Operational Semantics for Synchronous Languages
      Supervisor: Andrea Maggiolo Schettini
    •   Andrea Zavanella
      Skeletons and BSP: Performance Portability for Parallel Programming
      Supervisor: Marco Vanneschi
    •   Paolo Badan
      Modelling Concurrent Computations: from Contextual Petri Nets to Graph Grammars
      Supervisor: Andrea Corradini; Ugo Montanari
    •   Chiara Bodei
      Security Issues in Process Calculi
      Supervisor: Pierpaolo Degano
    •   Vincenzo Gervasi
      Environment Support for Requirements Writing and Analysis
      Supervisor: Vincenzo Ambriola
    •   Alessandra Raffaetà
      Spatio-temporal knowldge bases in a constraint logic programming framework with multiple theories
      Supervisor: Paolo Mancarella; Franco Turini
  • Year: 1999
    •   Simone Contiero
      Logic Based Composition Software
      Supervisor: Antonio Brogi
    •   Antonella Giani
      Parallel Cooperative Classifier Systems
      Supervisor: Antonina Starita; Marco Vanneschi
    •   Marco Pistore
      History Dependent Automata
      Supervisor: Ugo Montanari
    •   Salvatore Ruggieri
      Verification and Validation of Logic Programs
      Supervisor: Dino Pedreschi
    •   Roberto Bruni
      Tile Logic for Synchronized Rewriting of Concurrent Systems
      Supervisor: Ugo Montanari
    •   Stefano Chessa
      Self-Diagnosis of Grid-Interconnected Systems, with Application to Self-Test of VLSI Wafers
      Supervisor: Piero Maestrini
  • Year: 1998
    • Davide Ancona
      Modular Formal Frameworks for Module Systems
    • Anna Bernasconi
      Mathematical Techniques for the Analysis for Boolean Functions
    • Paolo Cignoni
      Scientific Visualization Based on Simplicial Complexes
    • M. Claudia Clò
      Scheduling of Hard Real Time Messages in Single-hop Communication Networks
    • Marco Comini
      An Abstract Interpretation Framework of Semantics and Diagnosis of Logic Programs
    • Marina Lenisa
      Themes in Final Semantics
    • Chiara Renso
      Mechanism for Semantic Integration for Deductive databases
  • Year: 1997
    • Giorgio Delzanno
      Logic & Object-Oriented Programming in Linear Logic
    • Paolo Ferragina
      Dynaminc Data Structures for String Matching Problems
    • Giuseppe Fiorentino
      Tau Matrices and Generating Functions for Solving Toeplitz Systems
    • Antonio Frangioni
      Dual-Ascent Methods and Multicommodity Flow
    • Francesca Levi
      Verification of Temporal and Real-Time Properties of Statecharts
    • Marino Miculan
      Encoding Logical Theories of Programs
    • Fabrizio Petrini
      Communication Performance of Wormhole Interconnection Networks
  • Year: 1996
    • Agostino Dovier
      Computable Set Theory and Logic Programming
    • Fabio Gadducci
      On the Algebraic Approach to Concurrent Term Rewriting
    • Stefano Guerrini
      Theoretical and Practical Iusses of Optimal Implementations of Functional Languages
    • Alessio Guglielmi
      Abstract Logic Programming in Linear Logic Independence and Causality in a First Order Calculus
    • Luciano Margara
      Cellular Automata and Chaos
    • Maria-Chiara Meo
      A framework for Reasoning about Semantics of Logic Programs
    • Angelo Monti
      Parallel Computation and Systolic Binary Tree Automata
    • Corrado Priami
      Enhanced Operational Semantics for Concurrency
    • Paola Quaglia
      The pi-calculus with Explicit Substitutions
    • Laura Semini
      Refinement in Tuple Space Languages
  • Year: 1995
    • Alessandro Roncato
      On Some Models of Computation: Relations Feasibility and Computational Bounds
    • Luca Roversi
      Semantics of lambda-calculi designed from Intuitionistic Linear Logic
  • Year: 1994
    • Enrico Bozzo
      Matrix Algebras and Discrete Transforms
    • Roberto Di Meglio
      Dynamic Computations in Massively Parallel Programming Models
    • Alessandra Di Pierro
      Negation and Infinite Computations in Logic Programming
    • Gabriella Rago
      Optimization Hypergraphs and Logical Inference
    • Gioia Ristori
      Modelling Systems with Shared Resources via Petri Nets
    • Vladimiro Sassone
      On the Semantics of Petri Nets: Processes Unfoldings and Infinite Computations
  • Year: 1993
    • Bruno Bertolino
      Fault Diagnosis and Abductive Logic Programming
    • Antonio Brogi
      Program Construction in Computational Logic
    • Antonio Bucciarelli
      Sequential Models of PCF: Some Contributions to the Domain-Theoretic Approach to Full Abstraction
    • Maura Cerioli
      Relationships between Logical Formalisms
    • Roberto Di Cosmo
      Isomorphisms of Types
    • Pietro Di Gianantonio
      A Functional Approach to Computability on Real Numbers
    • Claudia Fassino
      Computation of Matrix Functions
    • Cosimo Laneve
      Optimality and Concurrency in Interaction Systems
    • Federico Malucelli
      Quadratic Assignment Problems: Solution Methods and Applications
    • Andrea Masini
      A Proof Theory of Modalities for Computer Science
    • Susanna Pelagatti
      A Methodology for the Development and the Support of Massively Parallel Programs
    • Daniele Pretolani
      Satisfiability and Hypergraphs
    • Geppino Pucci
      Parallel Computational Models and Data Structures
    • Francesca Rossi
      Constraints and Concurrency
    • Piero Bonatti
      Three-valued Beliefs and Provability and the Semantics of Logic Programs
    • Antonio Cerone
      A Net-based Approach for Specifying Real- Time Systems
    • Maurizio Gabbrielli
      The Semantics of Logic Programming as a Programming Language
    • Roberto Giacobazzi
      Semantic Aspects of Logic Program Analysis
    • Roberto Grossi
      On Suffix Trees and Related Pattern Matching Problems
    • Danilo Montesi
      A Model for Updates and Transactions in Deductive Databases
    • Adriano Peron
      Synchronous and Asynchronous Models for Statecharts
    • Alessandro Sperduti
      Optimization and Functional Reduced Descriptors in Neural Networks
    • Daniel Norberto Yankelevich
      Parametric Views of Process Description Languages
  • Year: 1991
    • Roberto M. Amadio
      Recursion and Subtyping in Lambda Calculi
    • Roberto Gorrieri
      Refinement Atomicity and Transactions for Process Description Languages
    • Salvatore Orlando
      Exploiting Synchronous Models for Distributed Memory Multiprocessor Architectures
    • Song Xiaoyu
      VLSI Routing Algorithms in Diagonal Models
  • Year: 1990
    • Maria Grazia Scutellà
      A Unified Algorithmic Framework for Max-Flow Computations
    • Giovanni M. Pinna
      Petri Nets and Their Composition Problems
    • Laura Ricci
      Compilation of Logic Programs for Massively Parallel Systems
    • Gian Luigi Ferrari
      Unifying Models of Concurrency
    • Marco Danelutto
      A Massively Parallel Architecture Using VLIW for Fine Grain Parallelism Exploitation
    • Giorgio Ghelli
      Proof Theoretic Studies About a Minimal Type System Integrating Inclusion and Parametric Polymorphism
    • Andrea G. Asperti
      Categorical Topics in Computer Science
    • Andrea Corradini
      An Algebraic Semantics for Transition Systems and Logic Programming
  • Year: 1988
    • Paolo Ciancarini
      Specifica e Realizzazione di Ambienti di Sviluppo Software
    • Moreno Falaschi
      Semantica del non-determinismo nei linguaggi logici concorrenti
    • Paolo Mancarella
      La Negazione Intensionale di Programmi Logici
    • Simone Martini
      Modelli non Estensionali del Polimorfismo in Programmazione
    • Catuscia Palamidessi
      Strutture ed Ordinamenti Parziali nella Semantica Dichiarativa dei Linguaggi Logici
    • Dino Pedreschi
      Programmazione Logica: Semantica Composizionale Strutture Algebriche e Programmi Completi
    • Gianna Reggio
      Una Metodologia per la Specifica di Sistemi e Linguaggi Concorrenti

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