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    Master Programme (Laurea Magistrale) by University of Pisa

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    Algorithm Engineering, Advanced Programming, Distributed Systems Paradigms and Models, Digital Communications, High Performance Computing, Wireless Networks, Software Service Engineering, Teletraffic Engineering

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    Support for foreign students, contributions and scholarships
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    Qualification degree by University of Pisa

There is a restriction on the number of non E.U. citizens residing abroad that can enroll to the Data Science Business Informatics Master Degree. For the Academic Year 2019-2020, a maximum of 20 enrollments is set, and another 5 are reserved to Chinese students (according to the "Marco Polo" exchange program between Italy and China). 

The University of Pisa will offer to the best candidates a financial contribution (to be decided). More information is available here. Students can also apply for a scholarship provided by the DSU (Regional "Right to Study" Programme): see here for information.

A Selection Committee nominated by the Council of the Course of Study will evaluate the applicants’ background, education and motivation to assess their potential skills and attitude to attend the rigorous, advanced and interdisciplinary training of the Master programme on Data Science and Business Informatics.
Selection of applicants will be based upon the assessment of all the submitted documents and will result in a ranked list of admitted students. Preference will be given to applicants whose Course of Study included at least 40 ETCS credits in Computer Science, and to applicants with some prior knowledge of Italian.

HOW TO SUBMIT THE APPLICATION: To submit your application, access the portal: 


and upload all required documents there before April 22nd, 2019 (12:00 pm).

INTERVIEW: The Selection Committee may ask some of the candidates for an interview via Skype or other means. Failure to set a date or no-show at the interview will result in rejection of the application.

RESULTS: The notification of admission/rejection will be notified to candidates by three weeks from application. The admitted candidates have to confirm by email their intent to pre-enroll. 

PRE-ENROLLMENT AND VISA: Upon confirmation of their intent to pre-enroll, the admitted candidates will receive by email a formal admission letter that must be attached to the pre-enrollment documentation to be submitted to the Italian Embassy/Consulate by a deadline which is to verified by the students, and to apply for a Student Visa. 
Full information on pre-enrollment and enrollment is available at this page.
The visa procedure might take several weeks depending on the Italian Embassy/Consulates, they however all require the intent to leave upon completion of the course as well as the proof of adequate economic means and accommodation.
Admitted students must inform the Selection Committee of their final Student Visa status by sending an email to  Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo.