Graduation admission procedure

In order to be admitted to the degree session, the student must:

  • Register his/her graduation exam through the university web site no later that 30 days before the graduation day. In case he/she does not register within the deadline, he/she may personally submit the application to the Student Secretary Office, in Largo Pontecorvo, after paying 200€ through a Post Office on the Post account number 150565 in the name of “Università di Pisa”, specifying “AMLAU” in the reason (“casuale”) field. This second opportunity is possible only up to 15 days before the graduation day.  After that time, the student has no more chance to register.  IMPORTANT: the Academic Senate passed a resolution on 10 November 2009, made it mandatory for all undergraduates completing the "Evaluation Questionnaire".  The receipt of successful completion must be submitted to the Student Secretariat together with a copy of the booklet otherwise be unable to graduate student.
  • Fill the application form “Domanda di laurea” (“application for the graduation exam”, available as Word, pdf file from the web and personally present it to the “Segreteria Didattica del Corso di Studi in Informatica” (the Secretary Office located at the Dept. of Computer Science, Largo Pontecorvo 3, second floor, right after the entrance) within 30 days from the graduation day. The module must be signed by (all) the thesis supervisor(s).

The “Domanda di laurea” presented to the “Segreteria didattica” is valid for two graduation sessions (only). If the student does not graduate within the two session, he/she must apply another “Domanda di laurea” following the procedure above.  The registration of the student graduation exam via web is valid only for one session. If the student decides to resign and does not graduate in the session, he/she should repeat the registration within the deadlines relatives to the next graduation session.


Procedures and deadlines


Graduation jury


  • Graduation application form
    • Word and pdf modules (.doc, .pdf)
    • Per la presentazione della domanda, in modalità web, si faccia riferimento al sito di Alice
  • Superisor and referee reports
    • Supervisor and referee report (.doc, .pdf). Some parts are delivered to the student (supervisor responsibility)
    • The graduation evaluation modules must be sent by the supervisor to the secretary office at least 15 days before graduation day. 
    • The graduation referee module for must be sent by the referee to the secretary office at least 7 days before graduation day.