To be presented by the students enrolled in AY 2016-2017 by March the 17th, 2017


The study plan has to be submitted to the president of the master degree (prof. Danelutto) filling this this form. University credentials are needed to register and fill the form and, in case you did have not yet made it, you should register to office.com with the University credentials to access the MS Form. 

The rules to fill the form as well as the contents of the non mandatory courses have been outlined on March 10, at 4pm, Sala Gerace at the Dept. of Computer Science in Pisa. 

Students must basically choose 

  • exams for a total of 9 credits in the group A of "insegnamenti affini"
  • exams for a total of 12 credits in the group C of "insegnamenti caratterizzanti"
  • exams for a total of 9 credits as "free choice" (any exam given at the Univ. of Pisa, usually also taken from either group A or C)

We accept 6 credits in group A or 9 credits in group C provided that in the total of the credits in group A and C is 21 credits or the total in the three groups is 30 credits and the free choice exam(s) is (are) from either group A or C.

Students are free to present a study plan not obeying these rules, but the study plan has to be approved.

Attention: if by any reason you don't succeed entering the form page, you may use instead this offline form, sending it to the email address marco dot danelutto at unipi dot it.


In the same meeting on March 10th, a presentation of the non mandatory exam contents has been given. Below you find a list of the presented courses with a link to the slides used (in the order of the given presentations):

 These are the courses which have not been presented, with the slides given last year (when available):

The courses of

  • Network optimization
  • Web security
  • Distributed parallel applications

(present in the first version of the form) will not be activated in 2017-2018.