Urban Tribes: the usage of Stigmergy in City Science - Mauriana Pesaresi Seminar
Mar, 23. Maggio 2017, 13:00 h - 14:00 h
Dipartimento di Informatica
MP seminars


Abstract: The City Science field of research has known an unprecedented development during the last decade. This huge growth is mostly due to the recent increase of Big Data available about cities and citizens that has led to an unprecedented comprehension of the social dynamics that rule the cities we live in. The study of these new Big Data has revealed, in particular, that one could distinguish several distinct groups of citizens, or Tribes, in cities. Tribes are huge entities: the way they act around cities have, intuitively, a huge impact on how these cities’ services are accessed and, indirectly, on their economic performances. In this context, Computational Social Science is trying to deeply analyse these social relations among humans in urban environments, using new methodologies capable to reveal new insights into our society. One of these newest methodology is Stigmergy, a concept borrowed by Entomology, that is capable to analyse the way people move across space and time. The aim of this talk is to introduce the concepts of Tribe and Stigmergy in the City Science context. In particular, the potential use of Stigmergy in such applications will be assessed by discussing some first results achieved on a Living Lab dataset and the Tribes detected in it.

Speaker: Mattia Papini


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