Fuzzy just-in-time adaptive interventions for self-care apps
Mar, 30. Maggio 2017, 13:00 h - 14:00 h
Dipartimento di Informatica
MP seminars


Speaker: Amaury Trujillo

Abstract: Health promotion has traditionally been vested in healthcare professionals, but advances in mobile technology, the ever-increasing burden of healthcare systems, and the ideology of patient empowerment have provoked a shift toward personal self-care. Moreover, due to the prevalence of smartphones and the availability of affordable wearable technology there has been an explosion of health and fitness apps for self-care. However, most of these apps, even those aimed at particular conditions, are merely trackers that do not adapt to users' health status and behavior, which leads to poor adherence. These health aspects are inherently vague and difficult to model, and often it is only
possible to rely on the expertise of health-related professionals, as there are no reliable datasets nor models for non-clinical contexts. In this talk, we will see how fuzzy logic can deal with such vagueness, and how just-in-time adaptive interventions, via fuzzy rule-based systems, could be used for self-care apps that are persuasive and useful from the get-go.


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