Using a communication-centered view, Edge Services can be divided (sub-classed) into:

  • Storage Services: that use the communication infrastructure to exchange their contents;
  • Computing Services: that use the communication structure for Input/Output;
  • Theodolite Services: that observe the characteristics of the communication infrastructure.

    The observation of communication infrastructure characteristics may require significant computational resources, and specialized tools.

    The concept of Theodolite is required to model the communication infrastructure: in case of observation of the characteristics of Storage and Computing Services, they are observed by the host where they are located.

    A Theodolite should be placed near an access points of a Domain, so that they measure the quality of the infrastructure between Domains.

    Network Services are an abstraction of the communication infrastructure between ordered pairs of Domains.

    Network Services are subclassed on the kind of service they provide: for instance, between the same pair of Domains there may be an "assured forwarding" and a "best effort" service.

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