The School

  • provides educational, scientific, and general services of common interest to the single Ph D programmes of the School.
  • promotes the enrollment of students from other places in the Ph D programmes.
  • promotes and organizes common research and study projects in collaboration with foreign graduate programmes, leading to a joint Ph.D qualification.
  • promotes and develops privileged relationships with other universities and research centres, and with firms and companies, both in Italy and abroad.
  • supports the involvement of its students in international research groups; its aim is to make the study and research periods that students will be encouraged to spend abroad as a completion of their training particularly fruitful.
  • organizes schools and intensive periods of study on innovative themes of special interest; these events will be managed in close connection with other initiatives by Pisa's scientific community.
  • organizes every year a "Galileo Galilei Colloquium" consisting of lectures given by internationally renowned scholars.
  • promotes the dissemination of the scientific culture by means of wide-ranging activities addressed to a general public of non-specialists.

The School expects to be included as a Training Site in the national and international circuits of post-doc positions. Post-doctoral positions and research grants will therefore be promoted to help its best students entering the national and international circuit of post-docs and high-qualification job market.