Mini Workshop on Computational Approaches to Biology

Scuola di dottorato Galileo Galilei

October 18
Jane Hillston Calculi for Systems Biology Slides (pdf)
Andrea Bracciali Expressive models for synaptic plasticity Slides (pdf)
October 19
Corrado Priami The Beta workbench Slides (ppt - 16MB) (pdf - 26MB)
Pictures in the ppt may give problems on Windows and Linux
Stephen Gilmore Stochastic simulation for Systems Biology Slides (pdf)
Cristian Versari Stochastic simulation of biological systems with multiple variable volumes Slides(pdf)
October 22
Gheorghe Paun Membrane computing: a quick introduction Slides (pdf)
Vincenzo Manca Discrete mathematical models of metabolism Slides (ppt)
October 23
Gheorghe Paun Spiking neural P systems Slides (pdf)
Alberto Policriti Hybrid systems and Systems Biology Slides (pdf)
October 24
Giancarlo Mauri Stochastic modelling of biological systems: membrane systems in Systems Biology Slides (ppt)
Paolo Milazzo Compositional semantics and behavioral equivalences for P systems Slides (pdf)
October 25
Emanuela Merelli, Luca Tesei, Nicola Cannata Agent-based modeling and simulation in Systems Biology Slides Emanuela and Luca (pdf) Slides Nicola (ppt)
Claudio Felicioli Speciation models and stability emersion Slides (pdf)
Orkun Soyer Using evolutionary approaches to study signalling pathways Slides (pdf)
Davide Chiarugi Static and dynamic analysis of E.coli metabolic network Slides (ppt)
Jan van Klinken An efficient and flexible implementation of dynamical biological models Slides (ppt)
October 26
Luca Cardelli Molecules as automata Slides (pdf)