The School of graduate studies "Galileo Galilei" is an advanced educational centre open to Italian and foreign students. Its main objective is to train highly qualified PhD students in Applied Physics, Chemical Science, Computer Science, Earth Sciences, Physics and Mathematics.
Pisa has a well-established and renowned tradition in basic sciences, and its scientific environment is extremely lively and stimulating. The Departments of Chemistry, Computer Science, Earth Sciences, Physics, Mathematics and Applied Mathematics of the University of Pisa are highly ranked internationally, with highly reputed staff, well-organised structures, and sophisticated instruments. These departments have established connections and exchanges with foreign universities and international research centres, in particular with the institutions based in Pisa. Relationships also exist with technologically advanced companies.
The PhD courses in Applied Physics, Chemical Science, Computer Science, Earth Sciences, Physics and Mathematics hosted by these departments, have been providing an excellent training for graduate students for many years.
Therefore Pisa offers a unique and challenging environment for Italian and foreign graduate students and young researchers.

One of the main objectives of the School is to promote the exchange of experience on scientific, cultural, and social grounds between the individual PhD programmes, so as to strengthen their educational impact. Traditionally the five graduate programmes already in existence welcome the best students from all over Italy and from abroad; one of the aims of the "Galileo Galilei" School is to attract graduates from other Italian and foreign universities even more effectively. This will be achieved by means of both exchanges with foreign institutions and grants reserved for graduates from other universities.

Regulations of the School

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